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A world-class team of creatives, strategists, and marketers blurring the lines between an in-house marketing team and creative agency. We take a human-first approach to raising brands and operationalizing them—fusing creative genius with strategic brand implementation.


A brand builder and award-winning marketer and strategist, Farryn helped shape iconic brands like Sweetgreen, Michael Kors, and Jetsetter.com. Through big thinking, creative ideas, and mindful leadership, Farryn helps clients craft brands that stand for something, and stand apart. Forbes 30U30, Create & Cultivate 100, Bumble Most Inspiring New Yorkers.


An accomplished industry executive, Danielle has led teams for notable brands such as Samsung, Victoria's Secret PINK, Marriott, and Drybar, to name a few. Through cross-functional collaboration, operational excellence, and new business development, Danielle builds sustainable systems that position Farrynheight as your ultimate long-term partner.


An industry-leading creative, Minali has spearheaded brand design and development for renowned companies, including Sweetgreen and Bloomingdales. Minali also co-founded and scaled Wild One, the first-to-market, pet lifestyle brand featured in Forbes, Fortune, Vogue, and sold in Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Petco, and Target. Forbes 30U30, Martha Stewart, Self Made.



Farryn W

Miami - Founder

Dani F

Miami - Managing Director

Minali C

New York - Creative Director

Molly S

New York - Marketing

Tatum P

New York - Social

Eric E

Paris - Operations

Dani B

New York - Creative

Sophie W

New York - Creative

Jorge R

Prague - Creative

Ashley H

New York - Marketing

Connie S

Los Angeles - Marketing

Kalyn A

New York - Marketing

Chloe H

Los Angeles - Operations

Kylie K

New York - Creative

Callie B

New York - Social

Ashley K

Grand Rapids - Social

Taylor W

New York - Social

Olivia A

New York - Social


Raise a hand

When you see something, say something. We address challenges head-on, from a place of trust and genuinity, because we deeply care about each other and the work.

Keep it real

Be yourself, be honest, and don’t be afraid to speak up on behalf of yourself and your team.

Be human

Before work, we’re people. Honor that, find the balance, and treat yourself and others well.

Do the work

On yourself. On your team. On the project at hand. As part of your community. Be good at what you do, by doing it, the hard or challenging way.

Mobile & Global

The freedom to work from anywhere, with anyone, experience the world, and think bigger.

Give a Shit

Consciously care. Be deliberate and intentional about your growth, your team, and the work that you do.

Life at

Work from anywhere

Being part of a mobile and global team means having the flexibility to be fully remote, whether living amongst the monkeys in Bali, the concrete jungle in NYC, the mountains in Denver, or the culture in Paris. Traveling the world is encouraged.

Unlimited time off & summer Fridays

We believe in the importance of recharging and resetting, so we don’t have a maximum number of days per year that employees can take off. Plus, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, we encourage our team to soak up the sun and wrap up early on Fridays.

Set the tones

During our weekly, one-hour standup meetings, our founder Farryn leads the team through conversations around mindful development, the challenges we face as humans and professionals, and how our personal mindset impacts the choices we make and the actions we take.

Offsites, onsites & day of fun

We prioritize taking dedicated time to level up professionally, personally, and creatively. Our Offsites are our version of company retreats that allow us to disconnect from the day-to-day to broaden our horizons and unlock collective growth. Our Onsites are focused times to optimize, organize, and operationalize the year ahead. And our Day of Fun is a way to push creative boundaries, with time off and a small stipend to try something new, be it pottery, sky diving, a hike, etc.

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