Atria is a new leader in medicine, uniting the world’s leading medical minds, cutting-edge technology, and breakthrough science to shift from reactive sick care to personalized, proactive, and preventive health care. But before all of that, it was an idea on a napkin.

Over the last three years, we have supported Atria as their full-engine brand team, developing brand strategy, naming the company, and acting as ongoing brand advisors. Once we laid that foundation, we created, wrote, designed, and produced every bit of brand content that exists for Atria—1,000+ pieces of collateral and counting.

From the physical to the digital, we’ve had a hand in the brand’s entire ecosystem. As a true strategic, creative, and executional partner, we led at the executive level as well, helping recruit Atria’s internal marketing team and build out their brand structure. Our work with Atria is the definition of raising a brand from the ground up, and we’re continuing to grow strong together.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Experiential Design
  • Digital Design
  • Brand Production
  • Collateral Production
  • Creative Direction
  • Marketing & Brand Team Recruiting
  • Brand Book & Guidelines
  • Website & Channel Development
  • TOV & Copy Development

Brand foundation

The brand identity deck including campaign strategy and go-to-market management with brand idea, core tensions, values, position, missions, and vision.
Design framework exploration for Atria including font guidelines and photography guidelines

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Content Production & Design

Atria’s healthcare balance and focus on natural elements including rock and stone.
Metallic and black stethoscope on a rock with a neutral background to convey balance and nature in Atria’s healthcare space.
Atria and its natural health and focus on balance
Atria patient room with a designed and branded pillow and white sheets for santized comfort
Headshot of a smiling professional woman who works for Atria in a blazer with a white background
Headshot of a professional man in a suit looking directly at the camera, working for Atria
HeadshotHeadshot of an Atria healthcare worker in teal scrubs and a branded mask with a white background of a healthcare worker in teal scrubs and a branded mask with a white background
Branded green Atria robe and comfortable slippers in a healthy spa environment with wood floors and wall paneling.
A professional woman in a suit holding a metallic Atria branded gold rolling suitcase with wheels on a white backdrop
Branded merchandise carefully made for Atria, including comfortable monogrammed green teal slippers on a cozy and soft grey carpeted floor
Designed and monogrammed Atria touchpoint. A green and white checkered blanket with visible seams and a script logo
Green and white Atria teddy bear merchandise with a gold Atria logo

Brand Management& PRODUCTION

Brand identity and educational brochure pages that include quotes from the team, letters to patients, facts about the company, project management FAQs, production needs, and a list of offerings
Branded and designed Atria coloring books for kids with Crayons and a white Teddy bear with a brand logo lockup
Atria menu items for snacking and breakfast including a latte, popcorns, nuts, kale, crisps, and dates
A stack of green and red Atria books with a hand in rippling water, on a grey background with shadows to create a calming energy
A manicured hand turning the pages of a mint green, designed Atria menu for food and drinks
Packaging design of an elevated and branded white medication box with instructions on a plain white background
Branded Atria stationary, business cards, envelopes, and notebooks with an embossed Atria logo in white, green, and red

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