Until recently, New Balance Running was focused primarily on the performance-driven male customer. Their team came to Farrynheight with three goals in mind: to broaden that audience, showcase the versatility of their new All White 1080 running shoe, and step up their social content and creative.

Our team’s starting line set us off to bridge the gap between lifestyle and performance, introducing the 1080 as the leading shoe in all day comfort and style. Because the 1080 is built to take you from a marathon errand day to running an actual marathon, we built a campaign strategy and storyline around the first step of the day: your foot’s inaugural foray into 1080’s Fresh Foam—the first and lasting ritual that buoys every stride until sundown. 

We developed a creative direction that featured unique lifestyle imagery, elevated style curation, thumb-stopping video content, and best-in-class tastemakers including Samantha Duenas, a performing artist from LA, new mom, co-founder of R&B Party 143, style enthusiast, and, of course, runner.


  • Campaign Development
  • Social Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Design
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Talent Management
  • Production
  • Copy Development

#1 performing video

on the homepage of throughout 2022

#1 most-sold shoe

on—a first for New Balance Running

Social media story of Sam Duenas laying down on a brown and tan rug in white New Balance clothes with a hat and headphones on
Organic Instagram post from New Balance Women of Sam Duenas holding the New Balance Triple White 1080v12 sneakers
Sam Duenas DJing a music set in full New Balance Running attire
Photo production and sponsored post of the white New Balance Socks and off-white New Balance lifted shoe with laces
Photoshoot production of the New Balance runner windbreaker in blue and Sam Duenas getting dress in the closet with a full-length mirror
Model dancing in a New Balance t-shirt, green dress pants, and new white kicks
White tennis shoes and baseball cap with New Balance logos on a bookshelf
Clean white New Balance shoes and socks on a furry couch or chair.

Photoshoot visual of Sam Duenas lacing up her New Balance sneakers and socks in running shorts and a professional blazer

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